Besides our current projects at the atelier and in the recording studio, we frequently keep sharing our expert knowledge and collective experience within the framework of courses, lectures and workshops. All of this both as teaching assignments, for instance at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, and as guest lecturers at several institutions.

FHNW Basel: Institute of Aesthetical Experience and Theorie - Context (Ramon De Marco) 
FHNW Basel: Institute of Interior Design and Scenography (Ramon De Marco)
HTW Chur: Multimedia Production/Media Engineering (Ramon De Marco) 
FHNW Basel: Academy of Music /Jazz Department, Realization and applied production techniques (Daniel Dettwiler)
ZHDK Zurich: FTM and Tonmeister division (Daniel Dettwiler)

As a guest lecturer:
2016 University of Halle: Department for Media and Communication: Lecture about 'City and its Sound'
2016 HF Basel: Visual Merchandising Design: three-day class about 'stage music'
2014 University of Konstanz: Lecture about sound in architecture
2013 HTW Chur: Lecture about sound design in audio dramas
2013 ZHDK Zurich: Guest lecture about sound design
2012 HTW Chur: Course about sonification (turning data into sound)
2011 HDK Bern: Two-day course about 'Sound and Space' 
2008 Elektronisches Studio BaselUniversity of Music Basel: Lecture and workshop about sound layouts for radio
2005 HGK Luzern: Concept and conduct of a two-day lecture about sound design, together with Daniel Dettwiler

2019  ICOM 2019 Kyoto: 'Sound as a catalyst for a new breed of exhibition' (Jascha Dormann)
2019 BOE Dortmund: Lecture about ‘3D sound in miniature format - Intelligent sound installations for trade fairs and exhibitions’ (Frederic Robinson)
2019 BrandEx Dortmund: Lecture ‘The sound of space – alive and interactive' (Frederic Robinson)
2018 iart Basel: Workshop 'Sound scenography - the interplay of architecture and sound (Frederic Robinson)
2018 Medienforum Mitweida: lecture at the panel discussion about „sound as a new design element“
2018 Raumwelten, Stuttgart: lecture about the 'Sound of Silence' project at the panel discussion 'Scenography'
2018 Exhibition Acoustex, Dortmund: Sound of Silence - Intelligent Sound Masking (Frederic Robinson)
2018 The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Finland: Acoustic Scenography - turning ideas into sound
2018 Birkbeck University London: symposium on the topic ‚Curating Sound for Difficult Histories‘ am BIRMAC
2017 Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern: Conference at the Bavarian Day of the Museum titled: In jedem Sinne Museen gestalten
2017 House of Electronic Arts (HEK) Basel: Pecha Kucha VR Night (Speaker Jascha Dormann)
2016 Soundwalk Basel: International Day of Noise, Voice of the City
2016 Helga 2016Lecture about 'Inspired by Sound'
2016 DASA Scenography Colloquium 2016: Museum and City - City and Museum: Lecture about 'The Potential of Sound in Public Space' 
2015 schauraum-b: Lecture Series about: KlangRaum – RaumKlang, Auditive Raum- und Materialwahrnehmung
2015 ICSA 2015: 3rd International Conference on Spatial Audio: Lecture about the Acousmatic Room Orchestration System (AROS) 
2015 2. Symposium: about Visual Merchandising & 3d-Communication: Lecture about sound design
2014 Music and Human (FHNW): Lecture at the Museum Blumenstein Solothurn. Title: 'Audio Design – turning ideas into sound'
2014 KVöG (Kommission Veranstaltung auf öffentlichem Grund): Lecture about loudness and the psychoacoustic impact of sound
2013 Sonic Interaction Symposium (ZHDK): Lecture titled 'Spatial sonic Interactions'
2013 Exponatec Cologne: Lecture titled 'Touch the Sound - turning an idea into a complete sound scenography', at Expocase 2013
2012 SGA Convention Geneva: Lecture about ,Acousmatic room orchestration‘ 
2012 Helga 2012: Lecture about 'The Impact of Sound', at the Scenography Symposium in Lucerne
2010 Scenography Festival Basel: Lecture about audio scenography and participation at the panel discussion about 'Talking Spaces‘


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