wide eyed | Ultramorph - 2002

Electronic music und installation

Ultramorph is a derivative of the electronic music production 'wide eyed'.
The idea behind Ultramorph was to develop a surrounding, audiovisual environment, which examines different modes of visual perception. Using video animations, sound design and «Musique Concrète», Ultramorph challenges some of the visual experiences we take for granted in our daily lives.

A screen system consisting of two crisscrossing, half-transparent surfaces was developed. The projections from two video beamers onto each of these surfaces provided all-round visibility.

To complete this setup, we developed a sound concept that allows sound elements to be synchronized to the movements in the video in all 3 dimensions.
Ultramorph works both as an instrument in a concert setting and also as a stand-alone sound installation. It premiered in the Italian Cultural Institute in London in 2002, in collaboration with Fabrica (the communication research center of Benetton, I).


Composer: Adam Lieber & Ramon De Marco, Visuals: Ries Straver, Cover: Damien Poulain