Museum of the Future - 2018

Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This year's edition of the Museum of the Future – part of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) – introduces audiences to artificial intelligence (AI) through a living building, which explores various aspects of AI in our lives in the future. It explores key AI-related questions, including: Can machines be creative? Can machines help us make important decisions? Can machines be wrong? What is the future of AI-human relations? It does so through five rooms: an art gallery where all of the artwork and music is made by machines or in collaboration with people; a Cabinet Room of the future, which explores how AI could support decision-making by analyzing big data; a room that explores the various ways AI could make mistakes or be applied in different ways; and a room that features a Hybrid Intelligence Biomimetic Avatar (HIBA) – which is an interactive installation that explores the future of human-AI relationships in the year 2050.

We created multi-channel sound and music for the entire exhibition. Throughout the museum's soundscapes, acoustic, natural, human, digital, and synthesized sonic elements are interwoven and reflect the interplay between artificial intelligence and humans. Over the 90 speakers of the exhibition’s sound system local interaction sounds and ambient sound combine to form a dense, futuristic, but ultimately human atmosphere.

More on our AROS multichannel approach here.


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