Echt wild - 2023

National Park Centre Zernez

The newly staged building is intended to be a place of experience and to make the topic of "wilderness" accessible to a wide range of target audiences with a variety of mediation offers. The exhibition spaces are walk-in, dynamic spatial images that are brought to life through audience involvement and the use of sound and film. Different, personal perspectives on wilderness are presented and the history of the national park is told in three sequences.
The heart of the new exhibition, not only from a sound-scenographic perspective, is the "Wildnis-Raum". In a 3-dimensional audio piece, visitors are taken on an adventurous acoustic journey through the national park. The soundscape composition depicts various scenes of the biosphere of the national park, talks about symbiotic relationships, of natural forces, and allows visitors to immerse themselves in perspectives that could not be experienced in natura.
The exhibition opened on June 3 – find more information here!


client: Stiftung Schweizerischer Nationalpark Zernez
scenography: Groenlandbasel
technology: Tweaklab AG