Earth at its limits - 2020

Naturhistorisches Museum Basel

The special exhibition EARTH AT ITS LIMITS, which opens on 19.11.2020 in the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, taps a sensitive nerve of our time and asks: What is the actual state of our planet? What consequences does it have for the Earth's ecosystem that humans have a lasting influence on natural processes? Idee und Klang Audio Design has composed some sound scenographic treats for this exhibition. The visitors are already attuned to the topic with a sound installation in the stairwell. In the exhibition rooms themselves, they experience idyllic 3D soundscapes of still intact natural landscapes and a binaural headphone experience about forces of nature.

The exhibition was on at Naturhistorisches Museum Basel from November 20, 2020 to May 30, 2021.


Client: Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
Scenography: emyl
Technology: tweaklab
Photos: Kostas Maros