The Holocaust Galleries - 2021

IWM London

One of the great advantages of sound in exhibitions is its potential for breathing life into historical topics. In designing such exhibitions, we are often confronted with the atrocities of the past, from wars through battles to genocide.

Thanks to the Imperial War Museum in London, we have been confronted with the vast brutality of war through their new permanent exhibition: The Holocaust Galleries. It tells the personal stories of some of the six million people who were murdered during the Holocaust. Our core task was to come up with a sensitive and mindful sound design to do justice to the exhibition’s traumatic content. After four years of intense engagement we were able to respectfully implement an appropriate design. The first visitors to the Holocaust exhibition were profoundly affected by the subject as well as the palpable, vivid manner in which it was presented.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to the entire project team for their trust and their rewarding collaboration. The opening took place on October 20 at the Imperial War Museum in London.


Client: IWM London

Photos: IWM London