The Holocaust Galleries - 2021

Imperial War Museum London

For the fourth time, we had the honor of working with the Imperial War Museum - this time for the new permanent exhibition The Holocaust Galleries. Here, individual stories of some of the six million people murdered in the Holocaust are told. The sensitive and responsible sound design in relation to the traumatic content of the exhibition was our central task, which we were able to realize after four years of in-depth study of the subject matter and an extensive exchange with the team around curator James Bulgin as well as the scenographers of Casson Mann. We created a bespoke soundscape for each of the exhibition rooms. 

One of the great strengths of sound in an exhibition context is that it can breathe life into historical topics, which can otherwise seem rather abstract. Historical events, the people involved in them, and their personal fates are conveyed more directly through sound and thus become more tangible. Depending on the specific historical themes of an exhibition, however, this also goes hand in hand with a great responsibility for us sound scenographers. Jascha Dormann, who led the project for us, writes about this in our book, as well as online on linkedin.


Scenography: Casson Mann
Visual Design: Squint Opera
Photos: © Imperial War Museum


››› Design Week Award for Best Exhibition Design
››› ISA, International Sound Awards, 2022
››› shortlisted for Museums + Heritage's 'Permanent Exhibition of the Year'-Award