Level Green - Intelligent Sound Design for Volkswagen - 2009

Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany

In spring 2009 the exhibition 'Level Green' opened its doors to visitors at Autostadt Wolfsburg. At an interactive exhibition, the visitor is able to catch up on the theme of sustainability at Volkswagen and also deepen his/her knowledge on various topics such as climate change, ecological footprint, or fuels of the future.
For the touchscreens utilized at the exhibition and with a length of several metres, Idee und Klang realized an intelligent sound design which produces haptic feedback, inter alia, by means of touch sensitive transducers. That way the visitor senses what exactly has either been addressed or is being moved on the interactive surface. Another highlight constitute so-called sonifications, where different climate data, for instance pertaining to species extinction or CO2 emissions, are 'translated' into design and music, thereby becoming easily comprehensible for the visitor.

In the course of an exhibition update in spring 2015, Idee und Klang Audio Design created the sonic content for two new 'Level Green' stations.

More about haptic feedback here.


Media production, interactive installations: ART+COM Studios
Photos: © ART+COM Studios, AUTOSTADT


››› Red Dot Design Award - Best of the best 2009
››› Art Directors Club Germany 2009 - ‘Silberner Nagel’ award in the category 'Communication in Space'
››› contractworld.award 2011