1515 Marignano - A binaural 3D Battle - 2015

Swiss National Museum

Drum rolls and the sound of the advance guards' horns on one side, on the other the thunder of French cannons:  500 years after the so-called 'Battle of Giants', the exhibition '1515 Marignano' at the Landesmuseum Zurich shines a light on causes and effects of the war over Milan. A multifaceted world of objects draws attention to the Swiss Confederation as both a military force and a reservoir of mercenaries. '1515 Marignano' pursues the trail leading up to the battle and beyond.

For an audiovisual installation, Idee und Klang Audio Design have created a three-dimensional auditory battle scene. By means of a binaural mix plus playback over radio headsets, an impressively natural listening experience was realized. The visitor is able to pinpoint individual sound events, allowing them the opportunity to get immersed head-on in the thick of the battle via their ears.

More about Immersive Audio here.

Exhibition Period: March 27 - June 28, 2015


Concept and project management: Erika Hebeisen
Scenography: Atelier Gillmann + Co
Animation of the battle: xkopp creative
Report Series: Tweaklab
Photos: © Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum