MobiGlobe | Kinect - a gesture-controlled installation - 2012

Autostadt Wolfsburg, Germany

MobiGlobe Kinect is an interactive knowledge platform of Volkswagen AG at Autostadt Wolfsburg. In the case of this installation, the visitor navigates with the aid of gestures. The navigation is supported by a dynamically generated sound design creating spatial orientation across the different levels, and giving the visitor feedback and information with regard to his actions. Furthermore, a sound style guide was developed for all MobiGlobe follow-up projects, going beyond the proper installation.


Concept: Hosoya Schaefer Architects 
Client: Autostadt Wolfsburg
Interactive Design: Unity Studios and


››› Red Dot Design Award – grand prix 2013 - Best of the Best in the category “Interface Design”
››› IF Communication Design Award 2014 -  in the category “corporate architecture"