NUANU Sound Concept – 2023

A point of transformaition – Tabnan, Bali

Nuanu is a values-driven community committed to facilitating transformation on a global scale, situated on prime Balinese coastline in the traditional regency of Tabanan. Boasting 2 confluence rivers and 184 metres of ocean bluffs, their own private beach sits at the base of gently rolling hills and expansive greenspace, providing the most stunning natural backdrop.

Comprising 9 areas of re-creation at Nuanu we are re-thinking systems and developing a game-changing future destination, moving beyond sustainability to thriveability with a regenerative mindset for living and working. 

Our task was to develop an in-detph sound concept for the entire site and its individual areas for education, housing, retail, wellness, gastronomy, events, etc. We combined a variety of sound-oriented ideas from the fields of acoustic ecology, sound art, soundscape design, navigation and UX audio to develop a holistic and sustainable concept for the use and understanding of sound.


Client: Mediatact, Vlad Belyakov and Evgenii Popov