Holistic Sound Scenography for Brand Spaces - 2020

Schindler City Center in Ebikon

Over a period of three years Idee und Klang Audio Design realized the Holistic Sound Scenography for the new Visitor Center at Schindler's headquarters in Ebikon.

The entire exhibition extends over four floors and a total space of 2000 square meters. Within this space there are eight unique installations equipped with 293 loudspeakers. Each sound installation has its own character embedded in the overall dramaturgy of the holistic concept which was developed for the soundscape of the entire space. A huge variety of musical elements and sound effects find their place in the overall composition that reflects the company’s philosophy, technological orientation and high-quality standards. In the entire process starting with technical loudspeaker planning and multi-channel compositions up to the implementation of interactive sound elements, every step was developed in close cooperation with iart and Schindler.

The building on the Schindler Campus in Ebikon was designed by the architects Burckhardt+Partner. Through the glazed exterior facade, guests can already see the moving lifts and escalators from the outside. Nonetheless, they not only move visitors, but are also a central element of the scenography: For instance, when standing on an escalator, one can see the Schindler Campus and the surrounding landscape cinematically passing by. This is precisely the experience one makes in the Schindler Visitor Center with a wide variety of exhibits: You move yourself and the installations move around you. This creates a human- technology performance: a model case for the mobility of the future.

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Client: Schindler Aufzüge AG
Media technology: iart
Interior design and scenography: Frank Dittmann GmbH in collaboration with iart (Level 4: ZMIK)

Architecture: Burckhardt+Partner
Spatial graphics: AAA Studio and Maria Rosa Jehle
Design: Bhend Design StudioZMIK
Visuals: case
Construction management: kpm3
Images: © iart