Rendez-vous on SRF - 2013

Sound Logo for a News Magazine

In 2013 Idee und Klang Audio Design won the contest for the remake of the logo of the news magazine 'Rendez-vous'. The program, broadcast on Swiss radio SRF1, SRF2 and SRF4, was supposed to receive a modern, high-grade and yet catchy signet. In order to raise the bar in terms of quality as well, an entire orchestra was assembled and recordings were made at Volkshaus Studio Basel utilizing historical microphones. Due to this enormous effort for about '10 seconds of music', as dubbed by local newspaper Basel Landschaftliche Zeitung, SRF TV program 'Einstein' realized an interesting report about the new signet's emergence.


Client: SRF
Composition: Idee und Klang Audio Design
Orchestration and conducting: Olav Lervik
Musicians of the Sinfonie Orchester Basel (6 first violins, 4 second violins, 3 violas, 3 cello, trompete, horn, trombone), percussion, doublebass, bassclarinet
Photos: © SRF - Matthias Willi