Tonal Pearls for SRF 2 Kultur - 2012

Sound Layout for a Radio Station

There was much drumming and bowing, singing and rejoicing - more than 20 Swiss musicians had been recorded in the course of half a year in 2010 for the new sound layout of Swiss radio DRS 2 (today: SRF 2 Kultur). Getting a chance were those musicians who were able to handle their instruments in the sense of a composer, i.e. people skilled enough to create miniatures matching their instrument in next to no time. These miniatures provided the basis for Idee und Klang Audio Design to compose a number of individual jingles. However, natural sounds and noises have also found their place amongst those tonal pearls composed according to a relay principle. After all, the concept differed from that of conventional sound logos. Both totality and tonal quality of all those jingles define the program's auditory identity, naturally standing aloof from layouts of other programs as a result.

In the course of the fusion of national Swiss television and Swiss radio involving a change of name (SRF 2 Kultur) in 2012, Idee und Klang Audio Design have redesigned all existing audio signets in accordance to the new brand. For the morning and early evening programs, completely new jingles were designed. Additionally, in collaboration with Klanggestalter GmbH, Idee und Klang have developed station spanning News and Sport IDs which have been integrated in all of SRF’s radio chains.


clarinet: Don Li, double-bass: Christian Weber, trumpet: Nate Wooley, saxophone: Tobias Meinhart, guitar: Thomas Jecker, piano: Jean-Paul Brodbeck, harp: Louis Capeille, violin: Yelizaveta Kozlova, viola and voice: Charlotte Hug, horns: Balz Streiff, percussion: Lucas Niggli, Thomas Weiss, singing: Christian Zehnder, Franziska Baumann, Tatjana Gazdik, violin: Adam Taubitz, Stratis Skandalakis, Matthias Müller, foley artist: Peter Bräcker, Daniel Teige, speaker: Irina Hollander, Raphael Clamer


››› Art Directors Club Germany 2013 - Bronze Award for a 'new original composition' in the category 'Music & Sound'
››› Eyes & Ears Europe Awards 2013 - Best Corporate Audio Design