Swiss Satellite Radio - 2014

Sound Layout for three Radio Stations

Idee und Klang Audio Design have won the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) contest for the rebranding of Swiss Satellite Radio consisting of the three music programs Swiss Jazz, Swiss Classic and Swiss Pop. Swiss Satellite’s new layout impresses with a trustworthy and high-quality musicality reduced to the essentials. Due to a unique fusion of music and sound design, the individual sounds blend in a musical manner, thereby yielding an inner structure full of suspense.
The voice element is treated as an instrument, whereby each singer lends her individual tonal characteristic to one of the programs.


Client: SRF
Vocalists: Lisette Spinnler, Anna Gosteli, Drums/Percussion: Philipp Gut, Doublebass: David Brito, Piano: Michael Baumann, Daniel Dettwiler, Strings: Adam Taubitz (vio), Christian Vaucher (va), Conrad Wyss (vc), Trumpet: Adam Taubitz, Saxophone/Clarinet: Marcel Lüscher, Flute: Henrik Plünnecke, Guitar: Valentin Hebel, Jonas Wolf, Marco Bartoli, E-Bass: Beni Gut