Idee und Klang Audio Design is a company based in Basel, Switzerland. Our light-flooded atelier is the center of creativity and also serves as our research workshop. We specialize in spatial audio and immersive auditive environments. This means that we create compositions and sound design (and everything in between) for exhibitions, brand facilities, expos and art installations. We believe that a thoughtful integration of any sound into its designated space is the key aspect to great sounding environments. Because every space has its distinct character. By incorporating the acoustic properties and with the aid of custom-made multichannel mixes and handpicked equipment we turn our compositions into impressive walk-in sound sculptures.

We have done so for projects around the globe such as the BMW Museum in Munich, the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the Museum of Future Government Services in Dubai and the WW1 Centenary Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum to name just a few. 

To optimally implement our approach, we have developed our own system called AROS. It is the result of one of our many research endeavors. Other multi-channel formats are as well part of our work, so we installed an Auro-11.1 system in our studio in 2016. We are one of the 150 leading studios of the world that are licensed to produce in the Auro-3D format.

Above and beyond spatial audio we have a substantial track record in various other facets of sound production such as radio and TV sound layouts, audio design for film and theater as well as sound branding. At the recording studio, directly opposite our atelier, recordings of music and sound design on the highest technical and aesthetic levels are achieved.

Fueled by a good deal of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, we're committed to learning new things every day. We regularly invite inspiring sound specialists to present their work at one of our Sounds Unlimited events. In turn, we frequently share our knowledge and collective experience within the framework of courses, lectures and workshops

Our expertise

››› Sound in space: acoustic room concepts, sound installations and auditive environments
››› Sound- and audio design for film and theater
››› Composition and music production
››› Sound layouts for radio, TV, cinema and web
››› Software development for interactive installations and sound design applications
››› Sound branding for corporations and stores
››› Audio engineering and studio consulting