Strauss Elektroakustik Mastering Monitors

Because we are always on the lookout for the perfect sound, we regularly come across new niche products and sound equipment that sound especially integer. Word has got out about this, so we are often asked for advice by other audio engineers, studios and universities. We are happy to give our advice, help to plan studios and know exactly which equipment is necessary. We offer a small selection of special products (and also some common products) for purchase.

We offer a new special service for Hifi lovers: We plan and put together the perfect stereo system with excellent sound at your home. No one knows better how music should sound at home and which equipment to use than someone who records music.

Strauss Monitors

Easily the most transparent speakers on the market. The name that other producers have to compete with. We have all models on show at any time. It is worth a visit, an unbelievable listening experience – and of course you will get a good espresso with that! 

Myburgh Microphones

Myburgh recently introduced the M1, a newly developed, unparalleled tube microphone that sets a completely new standard in terms of sound quality, headroom and signal to noise ratio. The development was a co-production between Andrew Myburgh (who was already responsible for the Horch and Burg microphones) and the recently deceased microphone guru Andreas Grosser.

Flea Microphones:

Get the best Neumann Clones. If you wish you can compare them with the genuine historic originals at our showroom!

Soyuz Microphones

The Russian company builds its microphones entirely in-house, and to an extremely high standard. What's special is that they even manufacture the capsules themselves, which gives them their own unique sound. Soyuz offers everything from inexpensive small diaphragm microphones to noble tube microphones. What they all have in common is an outstanding price/performance ratio. 

"I have borrowed the Soyuz 013 from Idee und Klang. I have to say that they are absolutely great on drums in the overhead position. Much better than the Neumann KM184, or even the Schoeps MK4. For this price actually unbeatable ..."
Patrik Zosso, producer, sound engineer and musician

Undertone Audio

UTA manufactures great micpreamps, equalizers and the almost legendary Unfairchild MKII. The latter is an outstanding reproduction of the original Fairchild compressor. Everything is ready to be tested in our showroom.


Most important here is the absolutely precise clock generator CC1. Many things are written about clocks. Fact is that our high end system with EMM converters seems to have a 20% better sound since we started using the Grimm beat - this has completely convinced us and many others. 

“I just have to shake this off: I've had heard about 2.5 years of music
through the Grimm CC-1 before my A/D converter. Every day, many
hours. My Conclusion: This device is simply a spectacular sensation. Anyone who is seriously interested in a good
playback system , should definitely hear the CC1. For me
that unit has become absolutely indispensable. This device improves my life every day.
Thank you for that, again!”
Peter MacTaggart, legendary sound engineer

Audeze Headphones

Simply the best and most transparent headphones.


Vincent produces some excellent amplifiers that go nicely with the small and medium Strauss loud speakers. Their CD players are also impressive.

DS1 Ribbon-Microphone

A great, accurate yet very warm ribbon microphone by german developer Dieter Schöpf.  

Audeze Headphones

Simply the best and most transparent headphones.


Audio-Technica and AKG microphones and headphones, various other microphones(DPA, Schoeps, Neumann, Sennheiser). We can pretty much deliver anything after a consultation.